[swangk] • noun
dashing smartness, as in dress or appearance; style.
a swagger.
adjective, swank•er, swank•est.
stylish or elegant.

We are Swank House Creative – An Atlanta based agency that is home to a young, swanky and talented team that loves one thing – design.  Our design philosophy is simple – bring stylish, modern design to our clients.

Take a look around our new digs. Our website and blog are a great way to learn more about who we are, but there’s nothing like a conversation between two people. Want to know more?  Get in touch with us today. Lets get creative – together!



Wanted to send a huge shout out to the team at Swank House, one of the best design experiences ever
Brittany C. - Lanie Maries


Swank Services

With more than ten years of consultative design work, mingled with our blend of creativity and visual strategy, we can design almost anything you can image.  We’ve produced everything from websites to custom logos to full magazine layouts.  Whether its dazzling event materials, alluring print collateral, handsome resumes, or brilliantly enchanting social media content, we focus on results that translate into more growth and success for our clients.


W e take your vision and ideas, and craft an unforgettable experience, that often leads to celebratory high fives, infectious exuberance and swanktastic exposure for your brand.

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Web Design

We create amazing, responsive websites that are both stylish and intuitive. We focus on simple, yet swank design. We bring a unique approach and a creative touch to each and every project. Design is our passion and WordPress is our canvas. No matter what type of website you may need, we can create a stunning online presence that boasts the very best our your brand to the world.

We do more than just build beautiful websites. Sign up for Swank360 to power and protect your site.  

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Logo Design

At Swank House, we design custom logos that brings authenticity to your emerging brand, that captivates your audience, and that reinforces and polishes your public perception. We will take your ideas and craft a professional appearance that builds credibility and trust with your target audience. Your logo will be featured in everything you do, let us create an exceptional and timeless mark that impresses, hypnotizes and fascinates.


Print and Graphic Design

Anything you can imagine - from posters to business cards to full color magazines - we can design and print.  Our experts harness years of design experience to infuse the graphic impact that out shines your competition and bolster your brand recognition.


Social Media Content

Let Swank House harness the power of visual platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more to captivate and convert your audience into loyal customers and clients. Professional images, mesmerizing graphics and striking branding are massively important to today’s social media focused culture. What does your social aesthetic say about you and your emerging brand?


Resume Design

LESS THAN SIX SECONDS! Yes, just six seconds is that average time a potential employer spends determining if your resume is worth tossing or adding to the second look pile. With every new job comes hundreds of applications and resumes. What will you do to stand out and get the extra look that could be the difference between another rounding of job hunting or signing your offer letter.


Presentation Design

Swank House designs custom, professional PowerPoint presentations that transform lifeless statistics into a visually dynamic showcase. All while delivering a branded experience that builds on your corporate image and impact your audience. Move beyond the world of clipart and tired templates to gorgeous presentations full of meaningful data that intrigue and allure.



Because we love design and our clients so much, we created The Swank Report to share trending topics and information from the world of marketing and media. We cover everything from typography and the importance of color in conveying your brand to your target audience. Are you getting the Swank Report in your email inbox?

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Our Work!

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

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